Frequently Asked Questions

  • Joining

  • How do I sign up?

    That's simple... just click here

  • I am not a chaser... Why should I join?

    When you sign in, we can count you a viewer. This is important to chasers. The more people viewing their broadcast, the happier they are. We also bump up the refresh rates for those who are logged in, therefore make sure you log in every time you visit the site.

  • Live Chaser Screen

  • How often are the maps and radar images refreshed?

    If you are not logged in, once every 3-4 minutes. If you are logged in, once every 90 seconds to 2 minutes.

  • How can I rearrange the boxes on the live chaser screen?

    There is currently no way to do this. It is something we are considering for a future update, after we have added all of the other features that our on our priority list.

  • Why can't I see the video?

    There are several reasons that the video may not work:

    • The most common answer is that the chaser is not streaming. Some chasers only stream on medium or high risk days to save money.
    • The second most common answer is that you are using a mobile device that does not support the feed. Most feeds use Adobe Flash Player.
    • If you were watching a live feed and then lost it, the chaser has probably left the cell tower service area. Try switching to a different chaser or just wait...
    • Lastly, make sure you only use one streaming source at a time. (i.e. using Pandora, Netflix, and at the same time will cause a problem.) Most people do not have a fast enough ISP to provide the bandwidth needed to watch two streams at once.
  • Why can't I hear the audio?

    The most common answer is that the chaser is not streaming audio. Choosing not to stream audio saves a chaser about 10% in bandwidth, which allows them to stream better quality video. Also, some chasers may just not want to broadcast everything they say.

  • Why do some chasers show their Twitter feed, and some do not?

    Most chasers tweet severe weather live, with photos. If you like viewing the Tweets along side the live video and a certain chaser does not show them on, you can easily switch to another chaser.

  • Chaser Questions

  • What can it do?

    - It can get your live video stream in front of tens of thousands of weather enthusiasts looking for one place to watch severe weather, regardless of the network the chasers broadcast on.
    - It can display your live GRlevel3 radar screen (from inside your vehicle) on your LC profile page.
    - It can save all of your radar images from the day's chase
    - It can show your position on the main map as well as the map on your LC profile.
    - It can integrate your Twitter account with your live broadcast, latest radar, exact position.
    - It can display NWS severe warning polygons on the main map and on your chase screen map.
    - It can allow your viewers to communicate on your chase page, and even share photos.
    - It can provide you with GRlevel3 placefiles showing positions of all streamers.
    - It can notify a huge list of weather enthusiasts when you are streaming live.
    - It can notify viewers when you have entered a tornado warned area.
    - It can plot your entire chase of the day (your route) on the map.
    - It can show you your previous chase mileage as well as how many severe and tornado warned storms you have intercepted.
    - It can show your forecasts and chase likelihood.
    - It can show all of your Instagram and Twitter photos and videos as well as your YouTube videos in one convenient mashup.
    - It can do so much more...

  • I already stream with another company, why should I switch to

    There is nothing to switch. We just display your live broadcast as an embedded live stream from whichever streaming company you already use. We just have the added benefit of interconnecting ALL storm chasers on one map. We are compatible with all of the major storm chasing streaming companies like:,, and

  • How do I stream with you?

    Sign up for a streaming account with,, or Once you have your stream set up and working, you can log into and enter your live stream HTML embed code. This will allow to show your live stream on a page dedicated to you and/or your chase team. You can also send us your GRlevel3 radar images as well as your GPS coordinates.

  • Can I stream from my house?

    Absolutely. As long as you are showing the weather, you are welcome to stream on

  • Can I post photos on my live chasing page?

    Yes. There are two ways. You can post a photo using Disqus or Twitter (as long as you have your Twitter account linked.) Twitter is the recommended method since the most recent photo will remain there until you Tweet again.

  • I'm new. Can you help me set up a live chasing feed from my chase vehicle?

    Absolutely! First you need to decide which company you want to use. (ie. where you want to upload your stream). recommends using only large reputable companies. You can use YouTube Live Events to broadcast your live chasing stream for free, or if you prefer more features and are willing to pay for them.

  • Why am I not shown on the main map?

    There could be several reasons. First, go to your live chasing page and view your stream to make sure you are streaming. Also, check to see if your indicator is displayed on your own mini map. (You should have a blue indicator with a black dot in the center of your own mini map) If your stream is not showing, you need to fix that first. If you are streaming and you're not on the main map, you likely have GPS set to OFF here or you are using Spotter Network to send us your GPS coordinates. NOTE: Both GPSgate and the browser GPS options automatically place you on the main map. With Spotter Network, you must turn it OFF when you are done chasing, or ensure that you do not broadcast your postion to Spotter Network when you are not chasing. Go to My Account GPS setup and check your GPS position. Make sure we have a position for you, and that it is not more than a few minutes old.

  • How do I add a live Twitter feed to my account?

    Please follow this detailed instruction page to embed your Twitter feed into your chasing page. This will allow you to tweet weather conditions, as well as tweet photos to your viewers which will be displayed live within 30 seconds. If you have trouble setting this up, please contact support.

  • How can I upload my GRlevel3 radar to my account?

    Please follow this detailed instruction page to upload GRlevel3 radar data to your account. If you have trouble, please contact support with any error messages you have. NOTE: GRlevel3 is free for 30 days and then $79 to purchase but is a "must have" for chasing and worth every penny.

  • How can I upload my GPS coordinates to my account?

    There are several ways. First, we can use the coordinates sent to your account if you have one. (This method is updated infrequently and is not recommended.) Second, you can use our own GeoLocation Service method if your computer or phone web browser supports it. You can use the same GPS receiver that sends GPS data to GRlevel3 to send your location to Please read this detailed instruction page to upload GPSgate coordinates to your account. If you have trouble, please contact support with any error messages you have. GPSgate allows your computer to use one GPS receiver for many applications. With GPS data, will not only show your live position, but we can also log every chase, and allow you to view maps showing your chase route.

  • How can I plot other chaser positions on my GRlevel3 screen while I am chasing?

    In GRlevel3 or GR2Analyst, just go to the Windows drop down menu... then click on Show Placefile Manager. Click the Load Placefile icon. Then type this in the input field: for position with names, or for positions without names.
    Keep in mind that only chasers that are broadcasting their GPS location will show up.

  • Can I communicate with those viewing my stream while I am chasing?

    Absolutely. Each chaser has their own chasing page with their own Live comment/chat screen powered by Disqus. Many chasers talk to their viewers using the audio on their live stream. Someone (who is not driving) can read/monitor the Disqus chat. If you would like to moderate the chat while chasing you can do that as well.

    You can also use your Twitter account to Tweet to your viewers. As long as you have your Twitter account linked, it will show up on your live chaser page.

  • How can I delete a post comment from the Disqus chat on my live chasing page?

    You must have a Disqus account in order to moderate your chat. Sign up for one if you don't have one, and then email us your Disqus username. We will set you up as a moderator of your the chat on your page.

  • Why don't you support my TVN Weather stream?

    On February 16, 2015 Seth Deckard ( denied the ability to show any live streams from TVN Weather, even with the permission from the chaser. Based on this page on TVN Weather, we mistakenly believed that TVN Weather actually approved of their streams being shown to the public.

    If you currently stream with TVN Weather and would like to show your stream on, we recommend using one of the following providers:,,, or

  • Why don't you support my Severe Studios stream?

    On March 14, 2015, Kory Hartman ( denied the ability to show any live streams from Severe Studios, even with permission from the chaser.

    If you currently stream with Severe Studios and would like to show your stream on, we recommend using one of the following providers:,,, or

  • Why don't you support my ChaserTV stream?

    On March 23, 2015, Scott Bennett ( denied the ability to show any live streams from ChaserTV, even with permission from the chaser.

    If you currently stream with ChaserTV and would like to show your stream on, we recommend using one of the following providers:,,, or